Imposter Syndrome - Yes us too!

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In tech, we seem to live in a bubble in which we assume that everyone outside the bubble understands what we understand. It is simply not the case. Inside the bubble, there is a culture to be the best, the exhibit yourself to the world for success. This is great, it drives innovation. It's also a massive hill for those starting out and with transitioning passions. The single biggest hurdle to starting something is to actually start. The expectation that people put on themselves to be comparable to the elite overnight is insane. '

Remember, you will see yourself 24/7, your best and your worst. What you won't see is the frustration, the time, the tears and the effort that has gone into that which you aspire to. Many people do this and pretend it's only them, and go on to function in the cybersphere and potentially become the very being that unexpectedly does it to someone else. The act or desire of being good at something is not the problem, quite the opposite. It is the expectations of those who look upon those people, and beat themselves up figuratively that can be damaging to mental health.

There is no comparison there, it is something to work to perhaps, but never something to beat yourself over. Another thing to consider is the trade-off. Everyone is different and has had different experiences, different skills and different passions. You cannot be good at everything, and the time another spent on one skill, you may have spent on another. The process of self doubt, to keep pushing on because of uncertainty over one's skills is what we call impostor syndrome and is a massive problem that is not talked about enough. A burning flame of passion, and a fireball of self-doubt.

The sliding window of knowledge
As you progress, the impossible seems possible and the once difficult now seems trivial. It is easy to forget difficulty and therefore to lack confidence in one's own skill. This is comparable to a TCP sliding window if you are familiar with it. You have a specific range that moves across as you go along. You can go further, learn more, but can lose touch with the start. In reality, it is likely that you can do things that amaze others, that people would think, "how the hell do they know that?". Have confidence and see the whole picture. You also cannot ever learn it all, it's easy to go in with the expectation of that. You need the below to succeed:

1. Passion - A prerequisite to everything
2. Focus - Visualize your goals, form a path to get there
3. Discipline - Know what those goals will take, and execute
4. Soft Skills - Often forgotten about, but you do not need to be an extrovert. Be kind, be helpful, it's all anyone can ask.
5. Self-worth and care - There is no price to happiness

There is plenty more to stay on the topic but this is a decent introduction. Awareness is everything!

"Compare yourself to who you were yesterday, not to who someone else is today"- 12 Rules for Life - Jordan Peterson